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Jeonbuk Business Agency

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Socio-economic Support

Supporting the economic activities of groups, businesses, and individuals wishing to realize social values (village communities, cooperatives, social issue solutions, etc.) based on trust and solidarity

Project Guide

1. Supporting Cooperation for Socio-economic Coexistence

Finding success models through collaborations with socio-economic businesses within the region

2. Operation of “Gachi Ashi,” an online platform for sharing economy in Jeonbuk

Enhancing the convenience of residents and finding social, economic, and environmental values by trading idle resources that can be shared through an online platform of sharing economy

A system wherein residents can trade their shared resources (items, space, talent, etc.)

Operation of education clubs with connections to sharing economy platforms, shared labs, etc.

3. Fostering Village Companies

Finding sound village companies and fostering them by utilizing local resources within the region

Supporting education and consultations related to village company designation, supporting consultations and promotions to foster village companies

4. Village Company Manager Support Project

Stabilizing and revitalizing village companies within the region and creating sustainable jobs

Education on reinforcing capabilities and practical tasks for village company managers

Relevant Website Jeollabuk-do Village Company

5. Supporting Young Socio-economic Innovators

Placing young people in socio-economic business sites within the region to revitalize them and to create jobs for young people

Supporting labor costs, transport fees, and education

6. Fostering Cooperatives (Academy for Collaborations between Local Micro-enterprises)

Fostering local micro-enterprise cooperatives through customized step-by-step programs and building a collaborative academy

7. Promotion of Preferential Purchase of Socio-economic Products

Promoting the market entry of socio-economic businesses’ products into the public sector

Operation of preferential purchase lessons, support teams, etc.

8. Operation of Shared Sales Site for Socio-economic Products

Operating a shared sales site for socio-economic products to expand their market and increase their sales, which will lead to the revitalization of the regional economy

※ Location: 518, Baekjaedae-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju-si, Jeollabuk-do

9. Fostering Project for Socio-economic Entrepreneurs

Fostering socio-economic entrepreneurs who can solve social problems with creative methods by supporting their business establishment process from start to finish

Supporting business establishment space, business establishment costs, etc.

10. Growth Support Center for Socio-economic Businesses (Social Campus-on Jeonbuk)

Supporting the growth of socio-economic businesses to solve social issues

Providing business establishment space, operating programs on enhancing the capabilities of participating businesses, etc.

Operating socio-economic promotion programs such as socio-economic conferences for ordinary citizens and cultural center events

11. Fostering Project for Growing Socio-economic Businesses

Discovery of and customized support for socio-economic businesses that have potential

Supporting costs for technology and product development, marketing, facility construction, etc., and management analysis consulting

12. Supporting the Online Market Exploration of Socio-economic Businesses

Supporting the online marketing activities of socio-economic businesses to raise awareness and expand their market

Supporting crowd funding, customized market exploration activities, etc.