Jeonbuk Business Agency

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Jeonbuk Business Agency

Support Business

Supporting Overseas Market Exploration

Building a new frontier for the overseas expansion of Jeollabuk-do products and securing the path of market exploration by responding immediately to the needs of buyers through the utilization of partners in overseas bases

Project Guide

1. Integrated Support Center for Jeollabuk-do Export

Increasing the performance of exporting businesses (including those who wish to export) within the region through integrated guides on regional export support projects and operation of an integrated export support system

※ Center phone numbe :+82-1644-7155

2. Operation of overseas commerce foothold center (Vietnam, India)

Expansion of sales paths and vitalization of export by opening foothold centers in areas with export prospects

3. Supporting online overseas total marketing

Reinforcing the online self-sufficiency of small and medium-sized businesses by supporting overseas online marketing

Supporting overseas TV home-shopping broadcasts, overseas online platform entry operation lessons, social media marketing, etc.

4. Supporting Group Exhibit Participations

Supporting group participations in promising exhibits with powerful foreign buyers

5. Supporting Individual Exhibit Participations

Supporting the costs after the participation of businesses in domestic and overseas exhibits according to their needs

6. Export Consultation Sessions

Providing one-on-one sessions with powerful foreign buyers to businesses within the region to support their export

7. Supporting My Office

Reinforcing the competitive power in export of small and medium-sized businesses in the region through marketing and serving the role of local branch

8. Supporting Foreign Language Translation

Operation of foreign language interpretation and translation support for overseas business activities

9. Supporting the Overseas Marketing of Specialized Trading Firm

Utilizing leading trade firms that retain buyers to discover export enterprises and support their marketing activities (Supporting all procedures from product planning to local marketing)

10. Operation of the FTA Utilization Center

Providing market and trading information of FTA-signing countries and supporting overseas market exploration

Providing consulting, education, and counsel on FTAs

11. Supporting the Receipt of Foreign Standard Certifications

Supporting the acquisition of foreign standard certifications to secure the competitive power of small and medium-sized businesses within the region in overseas areas and to increase the scale of overseas market expansion

12. Supporting Jeonbuk Export Vouchers

Overall support for each step of export, such as facilitation of export environment, export marketing, and contract executions

13. Consultations from FTA Specialists

Supporting consulting through the stationed customs broker and origin certifications manager in the FTA Utilization Support Center

14. OK FTA Consultations

Alleviating the burden of country of origin certification by providing step-by-step support through the utilization of FTAs

15. Building the foundation for the advancement of industrial parts that use the convergent materials of carbon

Enhancing the performance of businesses that use the convergent materials of carbon to support their overseas market exploration

Consultations, local market research, creation of buyer counsel material, provision of counsel on potential buyers, etc.