Jeonbuk Business Agency

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Jeonbuk Business Agency

Support Business

Supporting Local Micro-enterprises and Revitalizing the Regional Economy

Providing high-quality business foundation environments and various business growth support programs at low costs to micro-enterprises and aspiring business starters with great marketability and growth potential

Project Guide

1. Jeonbuk Hope Center for Local Micro-enterprises

Creating a favorable business environment and supporting the business growth of micro-enterprises within the region to enhance their business success rate

Providing childcare facilities, customized growth support, and networking opportunities

2. Metropolitan Support Center for Jeonbuk Micro-enterprises

Operation of a center that provides three-step support (establishment-management-closure) for micro-enterprises’ life cycle

Operation of a call center specializing in micro-enterprises (1588-0700)

3. Contactless Support for the Management Conversion of Micro-enterprises

Establishing an online environment of product and service sales of micro-enterprises within the region

Production support to create an online business environment, supporting direct sales through live commerce

4. Operating a Public Livelihood Solution Team in Jeollabuk-do

Reinforcing independence through troubleshooting programs based on customized consultations with outreaching professionals

5. Fostering Micro-enterprise Stars

Fostering micro-enterprises with high business growth potential and promoting their success models

Producing signboards; providing broadcast support, management funds

6. Jeollabukdo’s Household Name

Fostering regional household names with competitive power that can last over 100 years

Supporting broadcast promotions, business management funds, mentoring, networking, etc.

7. 2022 New Micro-enterprise Dot Com Project

A program that reinforces the competitive power of micro-enterprises within the region

Providing the information needed to revitalize the management of local micro-enterprises (educational content)

8. Closing (including expected) Micro-enterprise Resurgence Support Project

Minimizing the loss of closing (including those expected to close) micro-enterprises and facilitating their resurgence

Supporting closure consultations, business site clearing costs, connection to other support projects for resurgence, etc.

9. Specialized Support Center for Sunchang Jang Micro-enterprises

On-site contact service for the business growth of local micro-enterprises that make traditional sauces in Sunchang

Supporting consultations, education, online and offline promotions, promotional video production, etc.