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Jeonbuk Business Agency

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Job Support

To provide employment support services such as job offer and employment consultations, information on recruitment, employment agency, in-depth consultations, and recruitment events

Project Guide

1. Operation of General Support Center for Jobs in Jeonbuk

Supporting job offer and employment consultations, providing information, recruitment agency, etc.

※ Phone number of job offer and employment consultation representative: +82-1577-0365

2. College Student Job Mentoring

A program that reinforces the capabilities of college students in the Jeollabuk-do region through institute and company mentoring, trips to institutes, employment lectures, etc.

3. Young People’s Jeonbuk New Wave Project

Supporting the cost of recruiting young people to promote the sustained working period and settlement within the region

Supporting labor costs, education, mentoring, networking, etc.

4. Supporting Technical Experts for Small and Medium-sized Businesses within the Region

Striving to support technical experts with excellent functional and technical capabilities to allow their successful settlement in Jeollabuk-do and to alleviate the burden of small and medium-sized businesses having difficulties hiring technical personnel

Supporting incentives for the employment of technical experts, education on work duties, etc.

5. Supporting Youth-friendly Jobs

Supporting consultations for businesses wishing to become promising small businesses that are youth-friendly and employment connection through programs that enhance the job-finding capabilities of young people who wish to be employed

Operation of programs such as company growth consultations, lectures on young people’s employment, trips to businesses within the region, etc.

6. Young People’s Narae Job Support Project

Inducing young people’s settlement in the region and contributing to the growth of the regional economy by providing the region’s specialized and promising jobs customized to young people’s needs

Supporting participating companies’ labor costs, education on enhancing capabilities, young people’s education and mentoring, etc.

7. Young People’s Narae-Ieum Job Support Project

Regionally specialized regular job support project that allows the regional economy and young people to innovate and grow together, inducing young people to settle in the region and the regional economy to lead its conversion and growth

Supporting participating companies’ labor costs, education on enhancing capabilities, young people’s education, etc.

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