Jeonbuk Business Agency

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Jeonbuk Business Agency

Support Business

Supporting the Enhancement of Businesses’ Competitive Power

Building a ladder of hope that promotes the business growth of local small enterprises by providing a total service of cooperation between industries, academe, and research institutes encompassing all procedures from technology development to sales

Project Guide

1. Fostering Project for Growing Businesses in Jeollabuk-do

Selection of small and medium-sized businesses with growth potential to enhance their performance through customized support.

Technology development, process improvement, commercialization fund support for activities such as domestic and overseas marketing, operation of networking and management advisers' team, etc.

2. Support Project for Vitalizing the Business Management of Enterprises in Agricultural and Industrial Complexes

Implementation of specialized project on vitalizing the business management of enterprises in agricultural and industrial complexes (marketing, technology commercialization areas)

3. Operation of Customized Bidding Information Service

Increasing sales and enhancing the competitive power of businesses through support for bidding information

4. Supporting the public procurement of products from small and medium-sized businesses

Supporting the expansion of sales in public sectors for products from small and medium-sized businesses within the region

Operation of consultation and support team for public procurement display

5. Jeonbuk prototype production support (Ttuk Ttak 365 Maker Space)

Operating educational programs on idea commercialization to support the production of prototypes and to spread the maker culture

6. Small Businesses’ Innovative Performance Enhancement Project

Building the foundation growth of small businesses within the region with 50 or fewer employees who are not in the R&D area by providing customized technology service based on the cooperation between industries, academe, and research institutes

Fund support for test analysis costs, technological value evaluation of intellectual rights, etc.

7. Korean electronic certificate reception

Issuance of state-certified document (Universal Certification for Businesses) through cooperation with the Korea Electronic Certification Authority

※Procedure for application

  • Preparation of application documents
  • Document submission
  • Reception of approval number, reference number, and permission code
  • Issuance of certification from Korea Electronic Certification Authority website