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    Support for Funds and Human Resources Support for Domestic Marketing
    · Management stabilization funds
    · Business start-up and competitiveness enhancement funds
    · Venture business cultivation funds
    · Jeollabuk-do economic revitalization funds
    · Operation of the Jeollabuk-do Job Scout Center
    · Customized public procurement
    · Entrance of excellent goods into online malls
    · 'BUY Jeonbuk Goods' marketing
    · Development of new distribution channels
    · Participation in the G-Fair exhibition
    · Design development
    · Entrance into the Jeollabuk-do Product Center
    Support for Global Marketing Support for Fostering of small Businesses
    · Expert global marketing
    · E-commerce
    · Foreign language interpretation and translation services
    · Establishment of global strategic bases
    · Operation of the FTA Utilization Support Center
    · Participation in individual exhibitions
    · Growth of business start-ups by young people
    · Operation of the Small Business Hope Center
    · Establishment of a franchise system for excellent small businesses
    · Star small business development projects
    · Interest subsidies for small business support funds
    · Management consulting for small businesses
    Support for Education Support for the Circular Economy of Jeollabuk-do
    · Education on the business start-ups of young people
    · Social Enterprise Academy
    · Senior Business Start-up School
    · Small Business Start-up School
    · Education on small business start-ups and management improvement
    · Jeollabuk-do Cooperative association School
    · Education on the management innovation of small and medium businesses

    · Projects for the operation of district-based support organizations for social

    · Village enterprise consulting support projects
    · Operation of a Business Start-up Support Center for young people in

    · Social entrepreneur cultivation projects  

    Support for the Innovation of Local Economies Support for Strengthening Competitiveness
    · Industrialization of Imsil Cheese with high added values
    · The Neo-industrialization project for Wanju's Dangjo Chilli
    · Meetings for the CEOs of small and medium sized enterprises in Jeollabuk-do
    · Activities for resolving the difficulties of companies and counseling
    · Provision of management information
    · Public certification issuance services

    Year Established: January 1st,1997 , Business Type: Government supported Institute
    Address: 164, Palgwajeong-ro, Deokjin-gu, Jeonju, Jeollabuk-do, 561-736 R.O. Korea
    Tel : +82-63-711-2000 , Fax : +82-63-711-2090
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